Asweo begins

Who: I am a twenty-two year old newly qualified English teacher with size nine feet and a hankering for gin and dogs. I will remain anonymous to protect the anonymity of my school and people I live and work with.

What: This blog will contain a few main topics: teaching and English literature and language; posts about my recovery from spinal surgery; musings, possibly some creative writing; general ~liberal and feminist~ thoughts on life, society, relationships and communication; excessive semi-colon usage, etc. 

Why: This coming Monday I will be undergoing major spinal surgery which requires three months’ recovery. I am also starting my teaching career and would like to work on a blog, at my own pace, to help me reflect on both this medical and professional ‘journey’ (see: questionable life choices). 

When: Posts are unlikely to match the frequency of the thoughts-that-should-be-written-and-shared-with-nobody, however I will try and comment at least weekly. During recovery, this is likely to be far more. Who knows? 

It is currently 22:12pm and I have just under two hours before my partner gets home. Said partner, whom we shall call Div, currently works away in the week. This has been an absolute gift during my year of teacher training; I simply could not have coped with the workload, mental and literal, if I had a real ‘life’ during the weekdays. As much as I love Div, my year would not have been as successful as it has been had he been home all year. It also is lovely to look forward to the weekend as much as I have been this year. Granted, this excited anticipation only really kicks in during Friday nights and maybe once on a Tuesday afternoon – because I really have my one-track-teacher-mind on during the week, to the extent that I have to force myself to consider anything outside of teaching (and terrible escapist TV shows) – but it is still a rising, belly-warming feeling. And I have it now. Or, rather, I would have it now, if it didn’t happen to be 22:12pm and if the house we live in did not happen to be a total and utter crap-pit that requires far more than two hours of cleaning before it can be seen by human eyes other than my own.

Unfortunately, it is currently 22:12pm and I do have just under two hours before my partner gets home. But I feel this has been a good start, at worst an average start. I look forward to posting properly.

Thanks for reading.


Next post: stepping through the pearly gates and into the vicious industry of education.